Tues, April 28: Single Payer Lobby Day Deadline

On Tues, May 5, 2015 advocates will gather in Albany to rally and lobby in support of the Gottfried/Perkins New York Health Act (A5062/S3525).

We need a health care system that doesn’t bankrupt us when we get sick. We need a health care system that allows doctors and nurses to spend time with their patients delivering care, not fighting insurance company bureaucrats. We need a health care system that puts us in line with the rest of the industrialized world by covering every resident, leaving no one out.

RSVP by April 28th to guarantee a seat on the bus and in the meetings with legislators. Transportation is being organized across the state including from Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Ithaca, New York City, Long Island, and Staten Island.

We need YOU to pass the bill in the state Assembly this session.

Join us because health care is a human right, not just a luxury for those who can pay!

May 5th: Statewide Single Payer Lobby Day

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 advocates from across New York State will gather in Albany to rally and lobby in support of the Gottfried/Perkins New York Health Act (A5062/S3525).

The New York Health Act will create a publicly funded, universal, single-payer healthcare system in our state, guaranteeing healthcare to all New York State residents with no out of pocket costs. Everyone will be covered, regardless of immigration or employment status. Unions will be able to negotiate for wage increases, instead of struggling to keep their benefits. New York State could negotiate better drug prices by creating a statewide market with more purchasing power.

Providers will have streamlined billing and payment procedures – no more haggling with insurance companies. Employers will have lower, predictable costs, without restrictive networks. Local governments will save on public employee benefits.

RSVP today for lobby day and get free transportation to Albany!

More information at nyhcampaign.org.

Upcoming Events

Single Payer Lobby Day Training

Join PNHP NY Metro for a Lobby Day Training on Sunday, April 12th, 11am – 3pm. This session will prepare you to advocate for a universal, single-payer healthcare system that puts people over profit.

WHEN: Sun, April 12, 2015 at 11am – 3pm

WHERE: NYSNA – 131 W 33rd St, 4th Floor


This event is free and open to all. Lunch included. Wheelchair accessible.

Tues, March 10: PNHP-NY Metro Forum: “How Will We Pay for Single Payer Heathcare?”


Join Physicians for a National Health Program NY Metro for a presentation on the first-ever study of how to finance single payer healthcare in NY State:

“How Will We Pay for Single Payer Heathcare?”

Gerald Friedman, PhD, Chair of the Department of Economics, UMass Amherst

Steve Toff, New York State Nurses Association

Dr. Friedman will present on the first-ever economic impact study of how a universal, publicly financed single payer health care system will be funded in New York State. Based on the Gottfried/Perkins New York Health Act, this study provides the facts and figures we need to fight for a system that puts people over profits!

How will we pay for single payer? How much will it cost? Who will save money? How much savings can we expect? How will single payer impact jobs? How will this impact medical bankruptcies and out of pocket costs?

Help spread the word, download and share the flyer!


When:  Tuesday, March 10, 7:30PM
10 Union Square East at 14th Street, 2nd Floor Auditorium

New York: State Assembly Announces Hearings on Single Payer



The New York State Assembly Health Committee will be holding hearings on the New York Health Bill in six cities across the state from Dec 4th to Jan 13th. This is your chance to speak up for the need for a universal, single payer healthcare system in New York state.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below or have another story to share about how the current for-profit system affects you, please attend and/or testify at this hearing.

  • Are you uninsured or underinsured?
  • Have you ever delayed care because you couldn’t afford the copay or deductible?
  • Have you ever stayed in a job just to keep your health insurance?
  • Have you ever been denied necessary care by your insurance company?
  • Have you ever had to file for bankruptcy because of medical debt?
  • Are you a medical professional who is frustrated with the barriers that private health insurance companies create?
  • Do you have to make difficult choices between paying your health care premium and other bills?

Show your support.

RSVP to attend the hearing.

Even if you don’t plan to testify, please attend to show your support for making health care a right for all New Yorkers! 

Deadline: If you do plan to testify at the NYC Hearing on Tues, Dec 16 please let us know by Dec 9th in order to secure your place at the hearing.

Sat, 10/25: Writer’s Workshop for Health Advocates

WHAT: Writer’s Workshop by PNHP NY-Metro

WHEN: Sat 10/25 10am – 1pm

WHERE: 220 5th Ave, 5th Floor, Manhattan

PNHP NY-Metro‘s Writers’ Workshop will review tips and tricks for building relationships with local press, writing powerful letters to the editor and op-eds to raise visibility for the support of truly universal, single-payer health care, and incorporating social media into our work.

This workshop will emphasize the importance of telling our stories and testimonials in accessing health care in a market-based system. All are welcome.

This workshop is free and open to the public. Coffee and light refreshments available to those who RSVP

Questions? Email annette@pnhpnymetro.org or call 212-485-6235.

Join the Health Contingent at the People’s Climate March 9/21

This September, world leaders are coming to New York City for a landmark Climate Summit at the United Nations. But if we look at the progress (or lack of) made at previous Summits, we shouldn’t trust those leaders to take action on their own — we need to prove to them that the world’s people demand action right now.

Join the health contingent at the People’s Climate March!

Sunday, September 21

9:00 am – Meet at W 59th St & 10th Ave, in front of Roosevelt Hospital

9:30 am – Press conference in front of Roosevelt Hospital

10:00 am – March to the Assembly Point for the health contingent at W. 66th St and Central Park West (enter at 72nd Sts).

11:30 am – March begins. Show up early and secure a spot in the line up!

To stay up-to-date on the day of the march, text @HealthHubPCM to 23559.

For more information on the health contingent, visit peoplesclimate.org/health

July 30: Medicare Turns 49 – Make a call for Medicare for All!

Medicare, one of our country’s most popular social insurance programs, turns 49 today. After nearly half a century of providing health insurance to seniors and those with disabilities, Medicare keeps administrative costs down[1] and recipients happy.[2]  All while being our country’s largest single-payer health insurance program covering nearly 50 million people.[3]
But what is the effect of having Medicare compete with a multi-payer private health insurance system based on profit?
In NYC, 20 hospitals have closed over the last decade. 10-12 more hospitals are under threat of closure and others are reducing vital health services. Even with expanded access to health insurance, our community health care infrastructure suffers because of long time trends in unequal reimbursements for health care services at institutions that care for the uninsured and underinsured.[4]
It’s clear we need Medicare For All now more than ever. We need a truly universal, single payer system to improve and expand our healthcare system, eliminating disparities based on insurance and income status.
With Medicare For All, we can improve and expand health services and save money (an estimated $400 billion a year!) 

We need your help to celebrate Medicare’s 49th by contacting Senators Gillibrand and Schumer. Tell them:  
I’m calling because today is Medicare’s 49th Anniversary. After nearly 50 years of success, we need improved Medicare for All. Stop closing hospitals and cutting vital health services in New York. Support Sen. Sanders bill for universal, single-payer healthcare,  S. 1782, The American Health Security Act. 
Sen. Gillibrand: 202-224-4451
Sen. Schumer: 202-224-6542 
Prefer email? Go here.
Happy birthday, Medicare!
In solidarity, 
The HCN NYC Team

July 22: Community Forum on Hospital Closures

20 NYC hospitals have shut down over the last 10 years

10-12 more hospitals are under threat of closure and others are reducing services

Each hospital closure leads to longer response times, wait times, and dangerous over-crowding 

Currently, the State of NY decides which hospitals and services are shut down in NYC. While closed down hospitals are routinely being turned into condos, the State of New York has failed to replace these vital resources. It’s time for NYC communities to have a direct say in the health care decisions that affect our lives and our health. 

It’s time to put a stop to the closure of our hospitals.

Join us to find out more

Community Forum on Hospital Closures
Tues, July 22nd 6:30 PM

Judson Memorial Church 
55 Washington Square South

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance on 239 Thompson
(enter, turn left, take elevator down)


May 20: PNHP Monthly Forum: Roundtable – Can We Pass Single Payer in Albany?

PNHP-NY Metro Monthly Forum

Tuesday, May 20, 7:30 p.m.

Beth Israel’s Phillips Ambulatory Care Center
10 Union Square East @ E.14th St., 2nd Floor Auditorium
Free and open to all

Can we pass Single Payer in Albany?
Roundtable discussion on the New York Health Campaign

In the last two years, the campaign to create a single-payer health care system in New York State has made tremendous progress. Assm. Gottfried’s New York Health bill now has 74 cosponsors in the Assembly (76 needed to pass), and the number of endorsing unions, professional and community groups has gone from 37 to almost 80 in the last three months. The 45-member New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus endorsed the bill the day after our Lobby Day, attended by 250 participants. How did we get here, and what obstacles do we face moving forward? What lessons can we learn from the 1992 campaign, the last time the bill was able to pass the Assembly? Come join the conversation.

Gene Carroll
Co-Director, NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute
Former Executive Director, New York Jobs with Justice Health Care Campaign

Dan O’Connell, MD
Family Medicine Faculty, Residency Program in Social Medicine,
Montefiore Medical Center; Board member, PNHP-NY Metro

Frank Proscia, MD
President, Doctors Council SEIU

Joel Shufro
Former Executive Director, New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health

Josh Starcher
Volunteer Coordinator, Healthcare-NOW! NYC

Moderated by Laurie Wen
Executive Director, PNHP-NY Metro

Artwork by Josh Starcher, Healthcare-NOW! NYC


May 6: Annual Statewide Lobby Day – Albany

Registration is now live for the annual statewide lobby day for universal, single-payer health care on Tuesday, May 6th in Albany!
There is growing support across the state for the New York Health bill (A5389A/S2078A). The bill only needs a few more cosponsors to have enough votes to pass the Assembly. Your support now can make a difference.

If passed, New York would lead the country in having the largest statewide universal, single payer health care system in the country. Every New Yorker would receive quality health care and be able to choose their medical provider. No more bankruptcies due to medical debt. No more denials from private health insurance companies.  No more discrimination based on coverage status.

You’ll be joining hundreds of people, including physicians, nurses, health professionals, students, and patients to send the message to our elected officials: Healthcare is a Human Right!

Sign up now.

A FREE lobby training will be held in New York City on April 27th. It’s a great opportunity to brush up on your talking points and advocacy skills.

Questions? Contact us at hcn.nyc@gmail.com.