HCN-NYC is dedicated to putting grassroots pressure on Congress and the state legislature to pass single payer bills. Our primary modes of activism are: hosting educational events, organizing demonstrations, collecting signatures and directly lobbying politicians.

We do not believe that the Democrats’ health care reform bill of 2010 (PPACA) will have any significant effect on the biggest crisis facing US healthcare: its outrageous and rapidly growing cost. Having evaluated the evidence from numerous comparison of different national health systems, we have concluded that a single payer system, like that found in Canada, Taiwan, and several other countries, is the only viable option for the US.

We’re confident that anyone who makes an honest evaluation of the facts will reach the same conclusion. If you’re not convinced please read about the case for single payer and the video that goes with it.

For 2011, our main focus will be on growing our base of supporters so that we can be an organized and influential voice in the upcoming election cycles.


Healthcare-NOW!-NYC (HCN-NYC) is the New York City branch of Healthcare-NOW!, a national organization dedicated to making healthcare truly affordable and accessible to everyone.

Like our parent organization, HCN-NYC believes that the only feasible way to achieve this goal is through a “single payer” system – a medical payment program that improves Medicare and extends it to all people regardless of age or employment status.

HCN-NYC is an all volunteer organization that draws its members from all walks of life. We need your help! Please come to our next meeting or contact one of our members.

HCN-NYC works closely with the following organizations:

Metro New York chapter of Physicians For a National Health Program, a group of health professionals and students who have been working for this same cause for more than three decades.

Single Payer New York, a statewide organization also working for single payer.

Unions for Single Payer HR676, a coalition of unions dedicated to making single payer a reality.

Healthcare-NOW! NYC’s Healthcare Symposium

Kristin Salvi – New York State Nurses Association
Erin Mahoney – Communications Workers of America, District One
Cynthia Doty – Three Parks Independent Democrats
Robert Score – Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 1, IATSE

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