July 30: Medicare Turns 49 – Make a call for Medicare for All!

Medicare, one of our country’s most popular social insurance programs, turns 49 today. After nearly half a century of providing health insurance to seniors and those with disabilities, Medicare keeps administrative costs down[1] and recipients happy.[2]  All while being our country’s largest single-payer health insurance program covering nearly 50 million people.[3]
But what is the effect of having Medicare compete with a multi-payer private health insurance system based on profit?
In NYC, 20 hospitals have closed over the last decade. 10-12 more hospitals are under threat of closure and others are reducing vital health services. Even with expanded access to health insurance, our community health care infrastructure suffers because of long time trends in unequal reimbursements for health care services at institutions that care for the uninsured and underinsured.[4]
It’s clear we need Medicare For All now more than ever. We need a truly universal, single payer system to improve and expand our healthcare system, eliminating disparities based on insurance and income status.
With Medicare For All, we can improve and expand health services and save money (an estimated $400 billion a year!) 

We need your help to celebrate Medicare’s 49th by contacting Senators Gillibrand and Schumer. Tell them:  
I’m calling because today is Medicare’s 49th Anniversary. After nearly 50 years of success, we need improved Medicare for All. Stop closing hospitals and cutting vital health services in New York. Support Sen. Sanders bill for universal, single-payer healthcare,  S. 1782, The American Health Security Act. 
Sen. Gillibrand: 202-224-4451
Sen. Schumer: 202-224-6542 
Prefer email? Go here.
Happy birthday, Medicare!
In solidarity, 
The HCN NYC Team
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